Rankweil, Austria (25/03/2018). Published by Dark Ace Records Kompany, “Bodies” is the new single and video from DEVYA. The video, produced by the director Paolo Parisotto, with the collaboration of the choreographer Silvia Cernecca, describes and is inspired by the images of “Satantango” by the director Bela Tarr and the paintings by Roberto Ferri. There are many references to icons of “dark” literature and music: visions linked to the fantasy and dream world. The images projected on bodies and dresses with special effects make the video extremely dramatic. The rhythm of the music accompanies a long and painful walk of the protagonist Stephanie Leon, who appears in different historical periods moving in a fantastic and Dante’s world populated by dreamlike entities.

Lives? Perhaps the video does not give answers, but at the end of the long journey the protagonist reveals where he has brought us: in oblivion beyond the death from which he wants to escape, leaving first a mysterious gift.

Bio: DEVYA is the musical project by Devis Simonetti. From 1996 to 2002 his stay in the United Kingdom allowed him to devote himself to self-production and electronic music. He founded the “Devya” with Francesca Mombelli in 2010. The debut album, “I Don ‘t Know What Is Christmas” (released for the Media Company Audio Ferox / Paige 2013) is the clear proof of how much new-wave , the brit-pop, the shoegaze, the industrial and the synthetic pop, have been heard, absorbed and reworked. In 2014 they released the single and the video “Going To Town”, participating in 2015 in a radio tour and several compilations. In 2017 they sign with the Dark Ace Records Kompany, releasing the digital 45 “Witch – Hunt” and the mini album “Black Waves And Floating Foams”, for the same label. In 2018 together with the co-producer and guitarist Marco Menazzi, the new “Devya” publish “Bodies” the second video of the project also participating in the new CIA Volume 7 compilation of Cia Specialforces / Cia-Rocks.eu with extracts from their last Extended Play.

Bodies Artcover final

Devya – Artwork digital 45 “Bodies” – b / side “Swarovsky Lap Dance”

Devis Simonetti : Music Synthesizer / Sequencer

Marco Menazzi : Riff Guitar

Luca Franzolini  : Arpeggio Guitar

Music by : Simonetti, Menazzi, Franzolini

Music Recorded & Produced by Ramkard

Mastering : KP1

Executer Video Producer : Paolo Parisotto

Executer Producer : Marco Menazzi

Director & Photography : Paolo Parisotto

Choreography : Silvia Cernecca

Starring Video : Stephanie Leon

Dancers : Marianna Turissini, Giulia Paliaga, Lorenzo Malisan, Sara Missarino

Artwork : Paolo Parisotto

Thanks to: Peter Zeitlinger & Silvia Zeitlinger

Thanks to: Marco Fabbro & Marco Pontoni

Thanks to : Raoul Marchetti

℗ 2018 Devya Music Under Exclusive License : Dark Ace Records Kompany

Link Bandcamp Music “Bodies”

YouTube video link “Bodies”

Facebook: DEVYA

Digitroniks Corporation ℗ 2018

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